replacement aluminum tent poles for Suniela Beach shade cabana

Full Pole Set

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Grab a complete pole set here! Make sure to order the right size by following our steps below. 

  • One full set of shock-corded aluminum poles for the Suniela cabana 
  • No canopy included - poles only

Which set do you need for your canopy?

A: If your carry bag measures 20"/51cm length you need A

B: If your carry bag measures 28"/71cm length you need B or C

*If you have an existing cross pole, measure from end to end to determine which set you need. If you don't have a pole to measure, lay out your canopy flat and measure from tunnel to tunnel


Here at Suniela Beach we focus on making sustainable & durable products - so you can live the good life under your cabana for years to come.

Any time a parasol or cheap shade tent breaks - that's a hunk of trash! We don't want to contribute to that.  Our aluminum poles are infinitely recyclable & resist breaking in high winds.

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