Our Story

Suniela Beach family business

The Original Sunshade

Designed in 1992 by two sisters on Canada's east coast.  They were tired of chasing their beach umbrella with every gust of wind & juggling it with all the other beach gear.

Their result:

The most wind resistant & easy to use portable shade you've ever seen!

Best portable beach shade invented in Nova Scotia, Canada, Suniela Beach

"Hi! I'm Daniela, founder of Suniela Beach. 

When I was a kid my Mom and her sister designed this amazing sunshelter.   I spent my teen summers setting up on beaches around Atlantic Canada, offering hand-drawn henna tattoos for 5 - 15 bucks a pop. Framed beneath an original prototype. Everyone wanted to know about my cabana!

Daniela Rojo doing henna tattoos as a teenager beneath her Suniela Beach cabana

With my twenties came travel adventures, from Costa Rica to the mediterannean; testing it in real life windy and hot conditions! I used (& abused) that cabana for over 15 years.

  After years of strangers asking about it, Suniela Beach was born.  And what started as three of us frantically sewing in my mother's living room, has grown into an International production line; and a small business that's growing around the globe.

    Currently based in Montreal, Canada.  Each Suniela is tested and assembled by hand  before being shipped to customers worldwide."

 Daniela Rojo, founder of Suniela Beach portable shade cabanas



Our fabrics are sourced directly from Artisan makers in Indonesia and India.  Each Suniela canopy is dyed and sewn by hand, using quality materials.  We're proud to pay fair prices, and support small family businesses. 

Suniela Beach artisan sewers in Indonesia


  It's important that our products don't end up in landfills; so we use natural and reusable materials as much as possible.  Our cottons naturally protect against 93% UVA and 98% UVB rays.  No chemical coatings here!


  When you buy from Suniela Beach, not only do you benefit from personal attention to detail; you help support many small businesses, artisans, and entrepreneurs. ♡