State of Puebla, Puebla

Puebla city, State of Puebla

 I have the impression of having arrived in Mexico for several days while we have arrived since yesterday afternoon. It must be said that for a week we have not stopped moving apart from our two days in Toronto, no time to adapt or to be bored. Today is Puebla and the historic center is beautiful, it is full of tall trees and beautiful churches and cathedrals. No doubt, we are on Catholic ground, there are 70 churches in a rather restricted area. Passing by bus, we saw the Popocatépelt volcano with its snowy summit spewing black smoke. Volcanoes always fascinate me. I would have liked to hike at the foot of the Popo but we are not dressed enough, we are already more than 2000 meters above sea level and this volcano is 5452 meters above sea level, no wonder it is snowy although it is active. Instead, we will visit the pyramids in Cholula and Wednesday morning, departure for Oaxaca. At the end of the month, we will surely be fed up of being always on the run and we will be ready to stay a few weeks in Caleta and rent from our friend. Mexico is not as dangerous as the media say. If we listened to them, we would not go anywhere, even Halifax is dangerous, France looks awful and what about Toronto? The worst thing that happened to us was that a nice friendly shoe shiner rushed to Chris' feet to wax them and Chris could do nothing but let him. He asked for 160 pesos for both feet, either in the $ 14 or € 10, exorbitant price for Mexico. Chris offered him 100 pesos for his flamboyant shoes and the shoeshiner was happy. It was not a scam, only a zealous and determined worker. The work is impeccable and Chris will only have to use a dry cloth to dust them, no need for maintenance for months according to the guy.


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