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My mama invented this!

*Photo circa 1993






 I'm Daniela - the luckiest beach bum

in the world.

 When I was 8 years old - back in 1993 -

 my mama and her sister 

designed this most amazing shade product.

They were tired of the beach umbrella - 

chasing it with every gust of wind, 

trying to juggle it with a days worth 

of beach gear & food... 

And chasing the shade all day, 

as the sun moved through the sky.


Determined to come up with 

a better shade solution for us kids...

Their result:  

The most wind resistant, practical, 

& gorgeous, portable shade you've ever seen.

I've been personally using (& abusing!) this sunshade for over 20 years.. testing it in crazy windy/hot & rainy conditions. 

 It will not let you down!

Stay Cool,

Daniela Rojo
Founder of Suniela Beach

My little sis Kate.  2004.

After years of travelling...

Using my own sunshade in many countries,

I started to notice a trend..

No one could look away from my cabana!

Most couldn't resist asking about it - and I found myself

 explaining it's creation, often in broken foreign languages.

It was eye-catching, and even though I'd been using the same one for over a decade... it was still in great condition.

The bottom line was this:

My mother and aunt developed this amazing product, 

but their lives had moved on, and no one was making these.

With their blessings, Suniela Beach was born.

Portable Henna Hut

Teenage Entrepreneurship beneath my sunshade (*Also makes a great outdoor office!)


Mama & I - 2006

BELOW:  Left to right

Daniela Rojo - Daily Operations, Web Design, Social Media, Sales

Carol Anne Smith - Inventor, Head Designer, Wordsmith

Marie-Christine Delanee - Designer, Creative Problem Solver, Blogger (Check out her travel stories in our Blog!)

The original Suniela Beach Team

Mediterranean - 2014

Costa Rica - 2016

Shade Sisters!

Then & Now - 2004*2017