Vietnam: 15

A couple of neat looking businesses on a street near my apartment. 😊
Da Nang, Vietnam 🇻🇳

Image: What's not to love about handmade leaf art?! Of course I had to check it out! Some beautiful art work using leaves of the "Boda" tree. I didn't feel right taking photos once inside but next time I go in I'll ask if I can so I can share here.
(Notice how you leave your shoes outside. Many businesses like that here, and ALWAYS you take them off before going into pagodas and people's homes.😊)

Shop with handmade leaf decor in Da Nang, Vietnam

Image: I have yet to get a massage here in Vietnam, but some day! I just love all the Vietnamese lanterns hanging inside lobby/cafe of this one. Unfortunately my pics just don't do it justice. The lighting was just so beautiful. 😍

Massage storefront in Da Nang, Vietnam, with colourful lanterns hanging from the ceiling

Lots of colourful lanterns hang from the ceiling in a massage parlour in Da Nang, Vietnam


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