Vietnam: 19

My beautiful family here. 🥰💕😊
Da Nang, Vietnam 🇻🇳
Family on scooter in Da Nang, Vietnam
Some sights from a walk this afternoon and into the early evening. 😊
Image: I found out who owns the beautiful bird that flies free in the neighbourhood. A woman who runs a little store on my street. Here she is bagging up sugar, I believe. 😊
Woman sits in a shop bagging sugar with a tropical bird on her shoulder
Image: Just a very nice part of a wall that goes around a property which has a very big and very Asian-looking house on it.
Beautiful stone wall in front of a house in Da Nang, Vietnam
Vietnamese house with beautiful stone wall surrounding it
Image: Not sure what these are called but they are for real. For sale at a plant shop I walked past. Everyone is buying up colourful plants and flowers to decorate homes and businesses for upcoming Tet Holiday (Vietnamese New Year).
Beautiful red flowers that look fake in Da Nang, Vietnam
Image: Love the hammocks strung up along the sidewalk here. These ones are used by "Grab" drivers wanting to rest while waiting to pick up to-go meals from a multitude of restaurants here and deliver to customers. A really great, fast, and cheap delivery right to your door service.
A man relaxes in a hammock strung along the sidewalk in Da Nang, Vietnam
Image: Heard these two businesses have great food and coffee...will have to check out!
Cafe and restaurant in Da Nang, Vietnam
Image: The Lucky Shamrock Irish Pub. Often has live music it was a couple of musicians playing reggae music. They sounded great!
Lucky Shamrock Irish Pub with live music in Da Nang, Vietnam


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