Jaltembe Bay, Nayarit

We left Barra de Navidad after spending 4 weeks with our friends from Victoria BC, 4 weeks spent at the beach, walking in the streets, going to restaurants and visiting one of the biggest and luxurious hotel in the area. My friend and I tried the gorgeous swimming pool without being disturbed like if we were customers and not a kind of stow-aways. We got a lot that day for our 40 pesos of transportation by boat. The Mexican woman at the local restaurant laughed when we told her the story and suggested that we take her with us next time and spend the night sleeping under one of their luxurious palapas.

Unfortunetly, I got sick before the end of our stay in Barra. I probably ate too much cheese and too much of that delicious artisanale ice cream in Melaque, drank too much of limonada mineral wich is sparkling water with lime juice and sugar and, because I am a bit paranoïd about germs, viruses and parasites, I also ate too much of raw garlic first thing in the morning, then a few drops of oregano oil and finished with peppermint essential oil. I almost forgot the strong ginger tea I drink with lime juice and the papaya seeds I add in my fruit salad. Quite an explosive mix when I think of it. My poor stomach could not take it anymore and because of the nausea, I barely ate anything for 3 days. Fortunately, the manager of the bungalows Dr Luis Adrián Villarreal, is a naturopath and he gave me what I needed to heal my inflamed and raw stomach. His homeopathy really worked and after two or three days taking my remedies religiously, I
felt like myself again. He is apparently well known and respected in the area. I cannot thank him enough, plus the consultation and the 4 little bottles cost me only 300 pesos, less than can$ 20...

I also found a book (or the book found me) in our local library at home that I could download on my iPod. It is the "Hot detox" by Julie Daniluk. A 21 day Anti-Inflammatory Program to Heal Your Gut and Cleanse Your Body. It is a very interesting book that explains how every organ and gland of the digestive system works, including the lungs, the lymph and the skin. It is well written, easy to understand and I believe easy to follow, at least for someone like me who is dedicated to keeping my good health, my good shape and my youth as long as possible. The recipes seem delicious and I will try them all and do the detox when I will be back and also to buy the book. It will be a good reference book and a cook book. There is also another book I bought years ago written by Brendon Brazier, a vegan Canadian triathlon athlete who designed his own line of dietary products. The recipes in his book :"The thrive diet " are unusual and very tasty. I am not vegetarian nor vegan but I am curious and "gourmande".


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