From Coast to Coast: 7 of the coolest beaches you have to check out this summer

It’s the dog days of summer.

The sun is shining bright and it’s really toasty out.

Have you considered sneaking out of the concrete jungle for a nice beach vacay?

Maybe it’s time to tell the boss you’ll be out of the office for a while.

There are stunning coastlines across the continent. From pristine sand beaches to crystal-clear waters, and gorgeous natural beauty, we’re highlighting some of the perfect escapes this summer from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Look, the world was kind of upside the past couple of years and maybe you didn’t get to sneak off and enjoy some beach. If that’s the case—or maybe you’re well-versed in beach getaways— we’re highlighting some of our favourite places that offer summer-round tranquility under the sun.

There are plenty of coastal paradises waiting to be discovered and we got you covered (in more ways than one 😉)

Sink your toes into some powdery sands and dive into the vibrant ocean and bask in what think are the 7 coolest beaches you have to check out in summer 2023.

Let your boss know Suniela sent you...

Parlee Beach, New Brunswick


Parlee Beach is an absolute gem nestled on the shores of New Brunswick.

What makes Parlee Beach so appealing is the warm summer waters of the Northumberland Strait lapping at the shoreline.

If you're in New Brunswick or you live far away, it's worth planning a visit this summer. 

Warm Canadian water, shoreline beauty, and an entire summer worth of sports and activities? What more could you want?

Thunder Cove Beach, Prince Edward Island

thunder cove beach

When it comes to hidden gem beaches, it's tough to top Thunder Cove Beach. 

Just off-the-beaten-path in Darnley (outside of Kensington), Thunder Cove is geologically diverse and is a perfect example of how water and wind can shape an island landscape. 

Full of sandstone cliffs, sea stacks, and caves, this beach is absolutely breathtaking.

Stinson Beach, California


California, here we come. 

If you're talkin' coastline beaches, Stinson's white sand and warm waters make it one of the most appealing and best swimming beaches in all of Cali. 

Plus, it's full of hiking, volleyball, picnicking, fishing, and surfing options. 

The path to Stinson Beach is winding but the views and beach are absolutely worth it. 

Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island


Known for its kilometres-worth of beachfront, sandstone cliffs, and barrier islands, Cavendish Beach is straight out of a movie.

If you're looking for a spot that has walking trails and thousands of years worth of geology and wildlife, Cavendish Beach is a stunning option this summer. 

York Beach, Maine

York Beach features a gorgeous promenade with shops, restaurants, bars, amusement rides, arcades, a nearby zoo, and the water is warm (and has tide pools).

A summertime trip to Maine is always a good idea and York Beach is no diff. 

Cannon Beach, Oregon


Cannon Beach is a small town with a population of just under 2,000 so it's an absolute gem of a find. 

It's renowned for its 235-foot-high Haystack Rock—a basalt sea stack that takes over the beach's skyline.

Sandy shores, warm waters, and a charming seafood town. It's a sight and sea to see...

Carter's Beach, Nova Scotia


We'd be remiss to not include a beach in Nova Scotia, because that's where the Suniela cabana was invented!

Nova Scotia has beaches spread out all over the province because it's almost an island (it's a peninsula). 

If you're on an NS roadtrip or you want to soak up a beautiful beach, Carter's Beach is actually three in one, all of which have slightly different qualities. 

From gentle and shallow to sand dunes, white sand, and turquoise water, Carter's Beach has it all.

Be sure to let us know which beaches you're planning on checking out in the comments. And don't forget to keep yourself shaded with Suniela shade!