It's not just a sunshade...

It's a Suniela!

Sliding Canopies

for custom shade
Kids enjoying the best boho shade tent cabana by Suniela Beach

Kids love them!


super portable

The shade solution you've been dreaming of!  

Bright & stylish.  COOL & comfortable.  Easy set up.

Free Spirit Cabana Deluxe Bohemian Cabana Nomad - Ultra Lightweight Cabana

candy coloured

Cabana Collection

Imagine all day at the beach in cool comfort! Shop our ultra portable cabanas for your own portable happy space - that fits in a suitcase, and doesn't blow away in the wind.

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Ultimate wind resistance.

no more chasing umbrellas!

Finely woven 100% cotton shade cabanas  -  UPF 30+ protection with maximum breathability.

portable luxury

Machine washable

Hand dyed fabrics & exotic fringes; ethically made in India & Indonesia.

Available in a rainbow of colours!


*All cabanas use the same size pole system, and canopies are interchangeable*  


A place for everything!

Keep your phone, sunglasses, car keys.. SAFE from sand & water!

Two large sand-resistant pockets on every cabana. 


Our simple arch framework is beautiful with it’s golden poles, & incredibly practical too.

high quality

Anodized Aluminum Pole System

Custom shock-corded pole system.

Rust resistant

Splinter & shatter-proof


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Quick & easy
one person
set up

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