Vietnam: 11

I must remember to always put my glasses on before taking videos, lol. Also please excuse the shakiness at times in this video...but I was kind of shooting near blind at times, plus had just not long before had a Saigon coffee, hahaha! 😅

The little Macaques at the beginning of video were just babies, and much smaller than appear in this video as I was zoomed in. Macaques of all ages have the sweetest little "wizened" faces...and just full of play! Sooo fun to watch all their antics! I could watch them all day and day after day I'm sure. Precious. 💗 (But also you need to be aware as they are incredibly smart as well as some a bit too brazen. They have sharp fangs and the adult ones can be a little bossy and scary, as we found out when one adult chased us away from "his" rock, haha! 😮😬😂) 
And another video of some wild Macaque monkeys. 
It really is like "Monkey see, monkey do"...and very much like watching a bunch of playful human toddlers but who are so sooooo much more agile than we humans are! 😊💗
Son Tra, Vietnam


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