Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How wind resistant is my Suniela cabana?


Arches are naturally wind resistant.  They're one of the strongest and most stable forms used in construction.

Our cabanas are open-sided - which allows for wind to flow freely over and through, with minimal surface area for wind to catch. Combined with the outward tension of the poles - firmly pushed into either sand or turf - they can withstand very strong winds.

  *** Always ensure your poles are pushed in the ground a minimum 7”/18cm, for maximum wind resistance & safety.  

Assemble with wind hitting the side/canopy for optimal wind resistance. 


Q: How UV protective are they? 

   Our canopies are all rated UPF 50+, without any chemical coatings or treatments used.

We only use finely woven cotton fabrics.  This gives excellent shade and protection for the whole day under the sun. Our canopies are dyed with vibrant colours using eco-friendly dyes, which further improves the UV protection.  

Unlike beach umbrellas, a Suniela cabana gives minimum 4.5' x 7' shade; and with its sliding canopy, they're completely adjustable, for maximum shade throughout the day!


Q: How do I care for my cabana?

   You paid good money for your cabana and you want it to last!  All of our canopies are machine washable, on Gentle cycle in cold water, and hang to dry.

 **If the canopy goes in the dryer it will shrink, and the pole system will no longer fit**

If your cabana is damp after a day at beach/sun shower, hang the canopy to dry before packing away.

We take great pride in using only high quality materials.  Our custom aluminum pole systems are anodized to prevent rusting and corrosion, and will last for years of outdoor use.   The occasional wipe with a damp cloth should keep them in top shape.

With proper care and attention, your cabana will last for years and years.. in all of its stunning glory!


Q: What if I want to set my cabana up on turf?

   We've included a tent stake for this purpose!  All you need to do pre-punch holes in the ground before inserting pole ends.

*A handy tip for knowing exactly where to pre-punch holes - Lay a cross-pole down for exact distance of width.  For length, allow 7' feet for an ideal arch.  


Wherever you go, Suniela has you beautifully covered!