Founders of Suniela Beach outdoor lifestyle brand sitting beneath one of their unique arched portable shade cabanas on a sandy beach

Designed by Two Sisters

to protect their kids

Early 90s

Where it all Began

Queensland Beach, Nova Scotia, 1993, a family sits in the shade beneath a parasol
Early prototype of a Suniela Beach shade cabana, arched blue beach tent on the grass
Best portable shade tent with unique arched design by Suniela - throwback photo to 1995 in Mexico
Son of the inventor of Suniela Beach portable shade products, relaxing on a picnic blanket on the grass beneath an arched shade tent
Carol Smith - inventor of the Suniela Beach shade cabana in 1995, struggling with a beach umbrella on a sandy beach in Nova Scotia


Solving A Problem


Perfect portable shade

Creative ideas were flowing & the ORIGINAL sun shelter was born! We took the first prototype to Mexico and drank coconuts while staying cool in the shade.

Upgraded Beach Life

A small handful of cabanas were made for family & friends, and we all enjoyed the elevated beach lifestyle for the next years.

kid sits in the shade beneath an arched portable cabana on the grass
Early prototype of an original arched Suniela Beach cabana with the inventor and a baby beneath
Suniela Beach family sits beneath their prototype of arched beach tent invention in 2003
Teenage girl sits beneath a red Suniela Beach the best in portable shade
Woman pulls the canopy across the poles of her arched Suniela Beach shade cabana
Daniela Rojo - Founder & CEO of Suniela Beach - Throwback photo to 2003, sitting beneath an original protoype for her portable shade cabanas
Family sits in the shade beneath their red arched portable shade cabana by Suniela Beach


After years of strangers asking about our shade cabanas, Suniela Beach was born.  And what started as three of us frantically sewing in the living room, has grown into an International production line; and a small business that's growing around the globe.


Learning to Sew

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International Production


Our fabrics are sourced directly from Artisan makers in Indonesia and India.  Each Suniela canopy is dyed and sewn by hand, using quality materials.  We're proud to pay fair prices, and support small family businesses. 

Made With The Planet In Mind

It's important that our products don't end up in landfills; so we use natural and reusable materials as much as possible.  Our aluminum poles are infinitely recyclable & canopies are machine washable for longevity. It's important that our products don't end up in landfills; so we use natural and reusable materials as much as possible. 

Our cottons offer UPF 50+ sun protection, naturally.  No chemical coatings here!

  When you shop from Suniela Beach, not only do you benefit from personal attention to detail; you help support many small businesses, artisans, and entrepreneurs. ♡   

Daniela, Founder & CEO

Sharing Mom's great invention with the world!

Early Office Space

Entrepreneurship from the sand

Throwback to 2004

Shade Sisters!

Summer 2022

Still loving that cabana life 18 years later

Suniela Studio, Montreal

Proudly Canadian. Women Owned