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At Eco Green Boutique Hotel Cafe...
They are out of pumpkin soup so ordered the potato soup instead, the only other option here soup-wise. Have never had potato soup before! Assuming it's sweet potato, but guess I'll soon enough find out.
A more white than grey sky here today. Definitely feeling more warmth and hearing more birds singing as the season is changing from winter to spring. The vast majority of my just over one month stay here so far has been rainy weather. Really appreciating when the cloak of heavy rain-filled clouds part to reveal a blue sky and sunshine above's like, yay! the sun, the sun, the SUNNNN! ☀ 🙏👏😅Everyone here, who can, then seems to flock to the beach, or at least to the sidewalks and streets, to soak up that elusive hot glowing yellow orb, including me of course! The rain, while always needed and very much appreciated at times, gets to be a bit of a bummer when it's a constant for days on end. My family here and I plan to finally get a full beach and picnic day in this Saturday as sunshine is finally in the forecast...fingers crossed!🤞
Image: At one part of the beach where I love to go for all the coconut palms.
Coconut palm trees lining the beach in Da Nang, Vietnam
I have not been able to swim here once yet, as even during the few fleeting sunshine-y periods we've had the ocean has just been too rough for me. Great for the surfers though! (Of which there are quite a few.) While there are lifeguards, and with areas all along the long beach having roped off supervised swimming areas, I would still not go in as no fun for me to (1) be the only swimmer, (2) not have sun to dry off under afterwards, and (3) I've experienced the awesome force of a wild ocean before and never want to experience that terrifying awesomeness again! The ocean does not care about your safety...not at all. She just does what she has to do, which is to constantly roll in and roll out ...and taking anything and everything with her that has entered that watery realm where she is the ultimate ruler. THE RULER. Make no mistake about that....whatever you do. Just ask all the near-drowned or drowned dead people in the world if you don't believe me. 😉 (haha...but not very funny I know. It's actually sad as hell)
Well my soup has been eaten (or is that drank? drunk? drinked? Haha!) and it was white potato actually. Cooked in a chicken broth and with minced onion and garlic and made creamy with a rue of flour and butter. Served in a mug and topped with sprig of fresh parsley. Another mug held buttered and toasted garlic bread sticks. You can order the soup with optional cooked and crumbled bacon on top if you like, but I asked for no bacon. Very good...but I did prefer the pumpkin soup.
The sky is still quite white, but no rain. Like I said, I can feel just in the air alone that we are in a change of season for sure. If the white turns to a grey and the skies start spitting, or even pouring, I'll be dry as I have my umbrella with me. I will need to go for a walk soon as just finished my second cup of iced coffee as much as I say it's been winter season here, it is still very comfortable temperature-wise or else no way would I be drinking iced anything, lol...and the caffeine has hit me so need to walk it off. I think I'll head the two short blocks away to the beach and maybe go draw or sculpt something in the sand. Love doing that! I also love just going to sit and watch the waves roll in.
Image: Very brooding cloud hovering over the mountains.
Clouds over the mountains of Da Nang, Vietnam
Hard to believe sometimes that I am very very far from my home back in NS. I am a foreigner in a foreign land, but realizing more and more just how small this planet really is and how very much alike in so many ways we humans are. Even if I don't understand the language here I know that I am surrounded by other humans who I know would help me should I ever need it...but knocking on wood that I won't!...and that no way in hell would I ever wish ANY harm on any of the peoples of this world, and no matter what some cruel governments might say. I am going to send another of my prayers out for peace while I am at the beach.
There is a lighted and glowing giant white marble Lady Buddha statue standing in the distance on a mountain that can be seen no matter how dark the skies may be, and with her in my sights to the left and the East Sea in front of me I know I am in another world from the one I most know, but I know I am in the same world as everyone else. Namaste to you all. 🙏 🌏 🕊
Image: My sand doodle today. If you look really closely you can see the glowing white Lady Buddha statue in the distance, on the mountain.
A sand doodle on the sand of Da Nang Beach in Vietnam
"Nothing exists by itself alone. We all belong to each other; we cannot cut reality into pieces, my happiness is your happiness; my suffering is your suffering. We heal and transform together." - Thich Nhat Hanh. 💗
Da Nang, Vietnam 🇻🇳


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