Vietnam: 7

Well I just moved from my hotel and into my new apartment! As lovely and very reasonably priced as the hotel about 35 bucks CAD a night...I am on less of a budget than that. Pictures will follow of my new pad at some point soon but meanwhile I just wanted to share this video that I just took earlier from my new apt window.


 They are building an apartment building right across from me...but surprisingly I don't mind the noise as when I close my window it all gets muffled really well and they don't work at night, plus I have a lovely big rooftop patio just 2 floors up that besides having a great view of a bit of the ocean, feels like a world away from any construction noise or sights. Meanwhile I kinda like watching how this building is coming together and am quite fascinated watching how they build some things here. It's definitely a little scary to me however though as so little safety regulations least compared to back home. Notice how the worker is just wearing flip-flops, and yet handling heavy buckets of bricks...aiyaiyaiyaiii! 😲😱😅🤞🙏



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