State of Guerrero, from Acapulco to Zihuatanejo

We decided to leave Acapulco for Zihuatanejo despite the hard and long bus ride the day before. We called our parents early morning, went for breakfast and took a taxi to go to Papagayo bus station as soon as we could. We bought our tickets for Lazaro Cardenas, the clock says 10:30 am and the bus leaves at 11:30. Chris has time to smoke a cigarette and I write for the blog waiting in the waiting room just in front of the gate. When Chris came back after smoking, he sat down to read his book. Suddenly he asked for the time and it is 11:39. Surprise! Our bus left without us and we did not even notice it, nobody told us and we did not hear any annoncement. We were annoyed. We had to wait another hour and fifteen minutes and pay extra fees to change our ticket. During all that time, the clock was still saying 10:30 am. The previous bus was an executive class and this one was regular first class, meaning it is not the same comfort and it stops everywhere. Too bad but we will be more careful next time and I will wear my watch. The journey was not too bad but seems to dragg along especially after the 10 hours bus ride, the 1 hour and half taxi and the 3 hours wait the day before. Once in Zihuatanejo, we could relax and have a nice supper. I had my camarones al coco: coconut shrimps, I like so much. We spent the next day on the beach sitting in the shade and swam in the warm ocean for the first time this year. 


 Zihuatanejo, now a touristy town, still kept its charm and its beauty. There is a good feeling. It is still very Mexican, the bay is gorgeous, the beaches very clean and safe for swimming. In the evening, we went to a kind of street restaurant just in front of our hotel Corona, serving a traditional cuisine. We had a green and a red pozole, a kind of soup or stew with white corn, pork or chicken meat and vegetables. It was very delicious. We also shared a noctamales which is a tamale rolled in a banana leaf instead of a corn leaf. These restaurants often serve a very good food, often better tasting than more fancy restaurants and at a fraction of the price. Tomorrow we will be in Caleta de Campos, Michoacán, where we will rest for a while, admiring the beauty of the ocean and the nature from our dear friend’s beautiful house, Casa de la Rosa. 


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