State of Oaxaca, Pueblos Mancomunados, San Isidro Llano Grande

State of Oaxaca, Pueblos Mancomunados, 7 days hike.

The city of Oaxaca is very beautiful, finally, the historic center, and the climate is pleasant. The first night we met a couple a little older than us and we quickly became friends. He is Danish, she is Dominican and they live in Chicago. We will find them at the end of our week and will surely stay in touch after.

Yesterday morning at the hotel Casa Arnel in Oaxaca, we had a little adventure. The previous customers forgot to give back the key of the room, so we were given the master key while waiting for another one. We went for breakfast in the morning forgetting the key in the lock inside the room and the door locks automatically ... After breakfast, Chris asks me for the key but I thought he had it. We quickly realized what hapened. I tried to go through the bars of our window because we had left it open and I could see the key in the lock, it was impossible, the space between the bars was too narrow. For a moment we thought about paying a toddler or a very small child to get this key but feeling sorry, we went to the lobby to explain the problem. The two young people at the desk laughed and one of them went through the roof and opened the small skylight to sneak into the bathroom. In the evening we had a key. 

Day 1: San Isidro Llano Grande

We booked a 7 days hiking tour with and it was a memorable experience, it was well organized by the cooperative group : Expediciones Sierra Norte, and kind of hard too since we carry our heavy backpacks everyday. I recommend it to anyone who loves nature, who loves hiking and a bit of challenge. We did the « extreme hike » but people usually choose one or three days hike and have their luggage carried by car. We were alone my husband and I and felt like we should carry our load.

 After our first day hike: 

 We are well settled, Chris in his hammock, me in a deckchair on the terrace of our rustic cottage in the mountains of Sierra Norte, Oaxaca State, at 3000 m altitude. It is hot in the sun, fresh in the shadow and cold when the wind blows. There are 150 souls in this little lost and very clean country. No cellular connection but they have the internet. We left this morning by car around 8:30 for San Isidro Llena Grande and as soon as we arrived 2 hours later, our guide was waiting for us for our 4 or 5 km walk in the mountain covered with forest, to acclimatize us to the altitude. We are the only foreigners, it is the complete calm, no stress and the landscape is grandiose: wooded mountains as far as we can see with here and there small villages nestled in hollows.


At the end of the hike, our lunch was waiting for us at the very rustic restaurant of the village, 200 meters from our cabin. It was hearty, typical of the area and delicious and we ate outside sitting on logs. Later, we went around the village, we had shower with hot water at 6 o'clock, dinner at 7 o'clock, the fire in the fireplace at 7:30, sleep at 9 o'clock. Tomorrow, we will get up early, breakfast at 8:00, departure at 9:30 to continue the hike and we will start again for another 6 days. A healthy life to detox miasmas of the city.




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