Beach Snacks 101



One of the highlights of any beach day is the snacks! We usually look to fuel our bodies with healthy options, and going to the beach means a time to be creative in this pursuit. If this isn’t how you navigate your beach days already… maybe this blog is exactly what you need to feel inspired!

One of the main things to consider when packing a picnic is a great cooler. It'll be a quickly ruined beach day with spoiled treats! Investing in a great beach cooler will allow you to keep refreshments cool and prevent bacteria from growing on your snacks. You'll want to be especially conscious of this if you have sandwich meats with you. This cooler is a summer classic and although a little more expensive than some options - we can vouch that it stands the test of time.

For something more portable and lightweight we really love the PACKIT line of lunch bags.  With freezable gel built into the walls, there's no need to add additional ice packs; just store it in the freezer so it's always picnic ready!

PackIt portable cooler bag - made for travel and temperature

Okay, back to snacks! When packing for the beach we always try to think quick, easy, portable & healthy. The first snack that’s a must-have for your beach picnic is homemade guacamole. You’re probably thinking “but it will get brown” but we call honkey. If the proper amount of citrus (lime) is added to your guac and it’s sealed and stored cold, it will last through your beach day.

This recipe is delicious and makes a nice portion for a day on the beach. Another healthy option that's easy to prep and transport is hummus. This recipe is quick and easy!

Once your guac & hummus are made, this opens so many options for dipping vessels. If you're travelling we recommend to always try the local tortilla chips… although it may ruin your go-to chips at home! If you’re not a chip person try pita, naan, baguette, or even pretzels! Chopped veggies are perfect for dipping too (whatever's fresh, local & in season where you are). Our beach snack style is a mish-mash of small bites to dip into different things.  We prefer chopped carrots, cucumbers & even mango with our guacamole and have been known to dip different kids of cheese in our hummus - don’t knock it til you try it!

A beach blanket with tortilla chips, cucumber, carrot & hummus ready for beach snacking

TIP: We always recommend buying organic when possible and make sure to rinse produce well before packing to bring to beach! Often organic is priced the same as it's non-organic counterpart - so it's always a good idea to check both sections even if you're on a budget. 

One of our favourite parts of travelling is visiting local grocery stores and street vendors. All you need is a bike with a basket and as you adventure to the beach, stop and fill your cooler with as many local goodies as you can find!

Now that we have the small bites sorted, we like to pack something that helps clean out the odds & ends in the fridge - and provides a more substantial lunch! 🌊

This recipe is a good start - but the best part of this style of salad is that you can add a variety of things from your fridge that are about to spoil! We’ve added peppers, herbs like parsley and all different kinds of onions! Also, it’s great to add some roasted chicken for added protein to the meal. This pasta salad makes enough to share with the whole crowd & is a one dish recipe! 🙌

A pasta salad overhead view. Onion, pasta, parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers!

Finally, on our snack train we can’t forget to pack something sweet! Fruit is always the number one choice - easy to snack on grapes or berries.  But sometimes you just need some chocolate! Granola bars are our go-to because there are so many varieties and they're already individually portioned. This brand offers a healthy, lower sugar snack! We usually like to find one that includes dark chocolate because of all of the amazing health benefits.

TIP: The darker the chocolate the better it is for you! More info here

Now that we have a well-balanced snack menu, the next addition to our beach cooler is some sparkling H2O! We’ve spent many years on a journey for the perfect soda water and feel like we've become sparkling water ambassadors. We're always looking to explore new varieties but usually avoid flavored options. However, we came across this beautiful coconut essence soda water last summer and its quickly became our favourite flavored water!

Did you know? Different brands of sparkling water have different mineral contents - relevant to the water sources of where they’re made - that will change the taste profile? Mineral water, also known as “Spring Water” comes from natural springs, which are places where moving underground water comes out of an opening in the lands surface. These types of minerals can vary greatly, so read labels and learn about the minerals in the water you’re considering. There are promising studies that suggest these minerals can contribute to good heart health, lower blood pressure & even aid in relief of constipation 💩

If you like sparkling water, make sure to indulge in brands made in the places you travel, or brands that aren't available where you live! We discovered this unique one on our travels in Costa Rica - but it was made in Mexico. This is a soda water that palate dreams are made of!

BUT overall, because we're located in Canada, which makes our quest for sparkling water a little trickier, we usually grab Montellier to bring along with us! Easy to find and affordable!

Montellier sparkling water - two cans of soda water


OH! Don’t forget your pups!!🐶

Although we don’t recommend taking your dogs along for a beach day in a heat wave, if they do tag along -- this little device is fantastic. Fits in your cooler and has its own fold out dish, so that’s less to bring with you! Make sure your dog is hydrated & they also have ample shade to escape the sunshine! We HIGHLY recommend our Suniela beach cabana to use as a homebase for your beach pups! 

With the right about of preparation your beach day will be stress free and delicious. After writing all these tips down - we're getting hungry!  Off to the grocery store to grab some snacks, find a place to picnic & daydream of our next beach day..

We hope we’ve left you a little beach snack inspired!